What is Geographically Redundant Hosting?

AC Works' Geo Redundant Hosting offers reliable Web hosting by storing your Web site in at least two different servers that are as much as 1,000 miles from each other. This guarantees the redundancy of all systems needed to run your website, including the whole datacenter.

We've made the process as transparent as possible to avoid disrupting your development process. You simply publish your changes to the website and our proprietary software mirrors web content and MS SQL Server data to the other server(s) behind the scenes. On average, changes to the primary site get replicated to the mirror site within seconds. The result is a fully functional backup server over 1,000 miles away, ready to go at a moments notice.

The system also includes our Advanced Monitoring System that monitors your specific site and not just the server. If our monitoring system detects a problem with your primary website, it alerts our administrators who can start redirecting traffic to your back-up site if needed - thereby minimizing downtime.

We are the only ones to offer this geographically redundant hosting platform in a shared hosting environment – and at such an affordable price!

Now that you know about the Geo Redundant Platform tell us a little about yourself to see if we are the right host for you.


"In the 5 years that I have worked with Felix […] I have come to know him as a person with unquestionable work ethics and tremendous integrity. […]I would not think twice about recommending his expert services to others."

~ Carolyn Price, Owner
This Little Bead

"I have been a customer of ACWorks since 2000. Their hosting capabilities and personal attention is what keeps me loyal as one of their customers."

~ John Gilliams, CEO
Kidd World Media

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